Gozo Adventures Final Edit

This was my first ever international advert that I Directed when I was commissioned to Malta by the Maltese Tourist Authorities. Gozo Adventures is an outdoor activities company that support tours around Gozo and fun group tasks. As part of an edit on shoot project, I edited this within two days of it being filmed, while in Malta and is now uploaded to promote the company.

247.TV – Camera Operator at EIHL Ice Hockey Match

On Sunday 14th December 2013, I was filming at the Skydome Ice Rink in Coventry for the EIHL Ice Hockey game between the Coventry Blades and Sheffield Steelers. During my time at the rink, I was taught how to use the camera that I would be filming on for the match. The camera that I was using was the Sony SF700, which was positions across the rink. Because the camera has ahigh frame rate, it was easy to replay small parts of the game back live as it’s happening in slow motion. This could be shots of a player scoring the puck into the goal to a fight kicking off between two oppositions. This gave me the skills to working under pressure during a live event where you always had to concentrating on a player who could potentially do something that could be exciting. Learning how to do this meant that I had to try to prioritise one event happening on the rink to another event happening on the rink. This came to practice during the game when a player was about to score a goal meanwhile on the other side of the rink, a fight was kicking off between two oppositions. During this time, I had to instantly make a decision on what I thought was going to be more worthwhile capturing. As the player scoring the goal was more important, I had to priorities this.


Working on a live camera event has given mSony SF700e a lot more skills. Not just to work under pressure, but it allowed me to have an understanding of how live TV operates. One of the main things I learned from filming what how the replays are captured and replayed so quickly. I then found out that the camera operators around the rink or in any sport have the job of replaying the footage back but its the director who cues the camera replay to be aired. With the Sony that I was using, there was a record button that you press after 2 seconds of something happening (e.g. a player scoring a goal), this then played back the last 8 seconds of what you just filmed and slows the replay down to 15 seconds. Once the director see’s the replay being played, they have the choice of the video being played back on air.  The Sony SF700 is a high frame rated camera that was set to 100 fps. This mean that we could replay the footage down 4 times slower than actual time.

After all of the filming was complete, I had to helpLive Editing Van - 247.TVde-rig all of the equipment away. This included the cameras, radios, wires, etc. Collecting up all of the wires was a long process. This was because some wires were set across the whole length of the rink to the van where all of the data was received. The whole process of de-rigging took 4 hours to complete, which mainly consisted of coaling up long wires. Working on a live sports event was highly educational because it gave me the opportunity to work with different camera but also have an insight into what really happens behind the scenes.

Free Radio Masterclasses – Radio Commercial & Presenting

On Thursday 4th December 2014, a few BOA students and I attended Masterclasses at Free Radio Birmingham. When doing this, we were given talks by Free Radio Birmingham’s Night time presenter Adam Wilborn and Deputy Music Programmer Dave Salt (also known as Salty). During this class, we were able ask them both about what there job entitles them to do. For Example, Adam Wilborns is to be a presenter but also interview special guests such as Rixton, Ed Shreeran, etc when ever they come to Free Radio. This was interesting because Adam went on to explain about the importance to prep shows before hand and how this can change the way you speak on the radio. This developed on to find out that when interviewing special guests that there’s more to it than asking the generic questions about the artist new album, etc. We also found out that it’s an important tool to make the artist feel more comfortable during the conversation, so that they open more and talk back to you more. It was also interesting to find out that you make a type of game with the artists because the audience choose to tune in onto the interview not because of the artist new tour or new album (mostly) but to be entertained. As a result, Adam explained that when Nico and Vinz came or Free Radio last week, Adam made a game about two robbers. Doing this was different and he thought that the audience would find this interesting. Normally, Dave would normally talk to Adam about his link and doing this would think of a way to approach about the best way to talk about the topic. As taking on the role of Dupty Music Programmer, Dave went on to explain about his bus job is to make sure that the presenters are always alright to make sure that they sound happy and lively when talking in links because it’s the voice that represent the station. So when there is a happy and lively presenter, it means that it reflects well on both the station and the presenters show. Doing this successfully will mean more listeners for the station.

During the time at Free Radio we also have a talk about the station as a whole. We learned about why Free Radio got it’s name, which was to send a message out to everybody that the station is ‘Free’ to do whatever they want without following the typical roots that other radio stations do, such as Globals, Capital Birmingham or Heart. This name was chosen for a specific reason that makes the station stand out and become more unique that may not always attract all the mainstream target audience but plays a mixture of new and what used to be new.

Later on, we were learning about all of the different commercials (visual and audio) that Orion Productions have produced for Free Radio and other Clients. From this, Orion Productions have an International award because of their unique style of advertising. I also found out that the 2012 BOA Advert was created by Orion Productions and was played in Cinemas across the West Midlands. Other companies/clients that the Orion have done work for are…

– Free Radio

– BIrmingham Ormiston Academy (BOA)

– Solihull College
– South & City College
– Monarch.co.uk
– Ford

Finally for the last Masterclass, we were studying the different types of techniques used to help promote radio commercials. Free Radio produce all of their Commercials in House due to BCAP regulation from the ASA. This makes guidelines much easier as Free Radio know that the commercial that they are producing is following the BCAP Guidelines and would reduce any risk of being sued for inaccurate or offensive content being aired in their station. We also studied about the different types of voices used for commercials and the effect that it brings. The 3 things that need to be focused on in terms of sound is the tone, accent and pitch of the voice. For example, an action trailer would have a deep voice with not much if an accent. The effect of this would be that it contrasts a lot with the silence and with other sounds that would be played in the advert. Another method that is used is the use of celebrity endorsement. This means that you would pay a celebrity to help promote the product or company. The effect of this would be that it intently grabs the audience’s attention, it makes the product trust worth and makes the advert highly memorable to the audience. The one thing I will take away from this Masterclass would be the 3 things I need to think about when making a radio commercial. These things are…

Who – are we talking to? (Target Audience)
What – do we want them to do?
Why – should they do it?

Overall, the entire experience in itself of going inside a professional radio station was an amazing experience and was not what I expected. The departments are very friendly and easy to approach if you had any questions that you wanted to be asked. It has most definitely given me a lot to think about in terms of potential career roots that maybe a good route to take. Brilliant opportunity and enjoyed every minute being there.